Andrej Petrovic

Andrej Petrovic was born 1982 in Bojnice, Slovakia and graduated from the Dance Conservatory in Banska Bystrica before joining Študio Tanca Professional Dance Theatre/Zuzana Hájková. For the last decade, Andrej has worked extensively with Akram Khan Company as a dancer, and rehearsal director for productions such as Bahok, Confluence and Vertical Road. During this period of time he has not only improved his technique but also nurtured his creativity. With this, Andrej was given the opportunity to use his personal developments and share his ideas with Akram Khan, resulting in becoming movement coach and dancer in Akram’s piece devised for the 2012 Opening Ceremony for the London Olympic Games and choreographic assistant in the company production iTMOi as well as the award-winning reimaging of Giselle for English National Ballet.