Coupé Décalé

2013-2014 Creation of Robyn Orlin and James Carles

The “Coupé Décalé” project is interested in the gaze of contemporary choreographers on this popular practice from the Attiée Culture (Ivory Coast) appeared in Paris in the early 2000. Today contemporary art seizes number popular practices and interpreter to feed a “new choreographic language” eternal return as inspiration.

ACT 1 : “I am not a sub-culture, rather a gallery of self-portraits with a history walking in circles” / A solo with Robyn Orlin and James Carles

Choreography : Robyn Orlin

Interpretation : James Carlès

Video Board : Pierre Sasso

Costumes Council : Birgit Neppl

Light and Governed : Arnaud Schulz

ACT 2 : “On va gâter le coin !” / James Carles piece for 5 dancers

Choreographies: James Carlès

Interpretation : Gahé Bama, Clément Assemian, Stéphane Mbella, Franck Serikpa, Brissy Akezizi

Video : Charles Rostan

Light and Governed : Arnaud Schulz

Prologue #1 pour Psaumes

2014-2015 Creation of James Carlès

About :

With “Psaumes”, I would go and “seize” the multiple meanings of the relationship such that they play in society today.

What is sacred? What is sacred today? Why is sacred?

How does the sense of the sacred is transformed from personal or collective trajectories? What is my approach to the sacred? What is sacred to me?

What I desecrates? What are my sacrilegious?

James Carlès

The piece :

Prologue #1 pour Psaumes, is a questioning Choreographer around the sacred. The Baroque Orchestra of Montauban, under the leadership of Jean-Marc Andrieu, gives an original and powerful interpretation of the music of Chevalier St George. On these notes, the particular performance space created for the occasion is invested with strength and singularity by 3 interpreters. The creation of the filmmaker / visual artist Elise Perrier provides additional levels of reading, both playful, shifted and loaded with a strong symbolism.

The music of Chevalier de Saint George, firmly rooted in his time, has a rhythmic energy fundamentally linked to dance.

In the “Living Music” version orchestra Les Passions is composed of 4 musicians for Quartets interpretation of Chevalier de Saint George (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello).

Distribution creation :

Choreography : James Carlès

Interpreters : Shihya Peng, Aurore Delahaye, Pascal Beugre-Tellier

Music : Chevalier de Saint-George

Musical Director : Jean-Marc Andrieu

Orchestra: Jean-Marc Andrieu (Recorder)

Liv Heym (violin)

Nirina Betoto (violin)

Jennifer Lutter (alto)

Marie-Madeleine Mille (Cello)

Visual artist and videographer : Elise Perrier

Light creation : Arnaud Schulz


Creation 2015-2016

“TRÔ’MA… Danse & mythologies sportives”

Created by James Carles, Stella Moutou, Jean-Luc and Thyeks Mégange

TRÔ’MA questions with humor and poetry (too much) pressure that are often subject our top athletes. Sport is synonymous with transcendence, victory, determination and endurance. Sport fans know victories but also defeats considerable effort. Their strengths and weaknesses are constantly under the spotlight. Overcoming fear, overcome fatigue, overcome media pressure while remaining efficient, bright and impeccable; that is the challenge.

Choreography: James Carlès, Stella Moutou, Jean-Luc Mégange et Thyeks

Interpreters : Stella Moutou, Jean-Luc Mégange, Thierry « Thyeks » Girard

Light, sound and mapping : Thierry « Thyeks » Girard