In 20 years James Carles has trained several generations of professional and amateur dancers. A rich choreographic repertoire consists throughout this course. For several years this directory is transmitted to various audiences throughout France and abroad: the National Conservatory of Paris, Contemporary Dance National Centre of Angers, the National Dance Centre in Pantin (device “amateur and Dance directory “) and various conservatories in regional influence, amateurs and semi-professional companies, training schools … etc. These choreographies explore and contain the necessary elements for the structuring and the technical and artistic development of the dancer. They question mainly the concept of “musical body” and the game (public address, address itself to others). Their transmission offers dancers a unique approach to sound, music, rhythm, time, space, flow, shape and dance movement. Concepts that are the basis of the approach of James Carles.

We are at your disposal video excerpts of documents submitted in the dossier.

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