Cross the popular dances and academic dances Bring out social dancing Create

This guideline is embedded in the DNA of our school and carries all of our actions.
Find gateways between amateurs and professionals, encourage exchanges between students and teachers, propose new research topics and disciplines, developing listening to self and others, improve living together … these are our ambitions for this season 2015 -2016.
With a team of professionals increasingly invested and passionate, we will put all the energy needed to achieve these goals by promoting creativity, positivity and openness.

31 different classes for Children, Teenagers and Adults, depending on their level (starter, medium, advanced…)

Jazz, Classic, Contemporary, Modern, Oriental, African Dance…
…and some new classes : Afro Fusion, Latin Fusion, Pop Funky Style and Oriental Belly Dance !

A permanent staff wich count 25 members and some new teachers each year…

Welcome to Jamil Hammadi, Ise Verstegen, Cedric Label and Stéphanie Couput !

1 Show per year

If Carmen were related to me…
From 06/19/15 to 06/22/15 in the Cultural Center Altigone.

Children, teenagers, adults, all of them united to offer you a unique and beautiful show. A great intergenerational share.