Compagnie Jeunes Danseurs

Created in 2012, the Company is composed by amateur dancers from 11 to 20 years of James Carles Centre. It is led by Angeline Gardiennet dancer James Carles Company and Professor of Jazz and Classic. Young dancers all practice several disciplines including Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, Contemporary. The Company participates in various events such as festivals, open stages, schools, meetings, discovery days of dance …
They depict always full of energy and original pieces. One slogan, FUN !!!!

Compagnie Hip-Hop

The 2013-2014 season saw born a Pole Dance Hip-Hop / Urban Dances. This approach is driven by several observations:
– Strengthen the technical and artistic level of hiphop dancers from the region
– Participate in the amateur choreographic life of the region
– Support the motivations of young people and open their artistic horizons beyond the battle or dance studio
– Valuing pluri and interdisciplinarity
Center faculty are referents and initiative of various actions:
– St. Louis Rhino coached youth (children and teenagers) the practice of amateur competitions and battle.
– Ben Younes Assabi organizes Battle & Workshop in Toulouse United Center
– Stéphane Mbella coaches CYCC Company Co. Hip-Hop and prepares to start a professional career.

Compagnie G2RC

The G2RC (Group for Research and choreographic repertoires) was established in 2004 and consists mainly of former students of the choreographic center. This is an advanced level group as technically and artistically.

The objectives are:
-work on research projects and choreographic experimentation and theoretical teaching.
– Disseminate the choreographic culture (dance conference and conference folders recovery)
– Be a stepping stone and a transition platform for professional coun- dancers.
The band performed in and out regional basis, in different theaters, festivals, universities and cultural centers. Since its inception, the group recostruit and presented parts of Samuel Mathieu, Wayne Barbaste (dance selection and amateur practice of National Dance Centre), James Carles, Helen Tamiris, Mc Donald Kayle. From 2015, the art direction is entrusted to guest choreographers. This season we are pleased to welcome Hervé Rumeau.