One-per-one lesson : 17€

Ten-lessons card (ERD) : 160€

Registration requirements :

To facilitate your registration, please bringing the following :

– Registration fee : 35 €

– Doctor’s certificate dated less than 2 months old

– 2 passports photos.

It is possible to begin a subscription at any time during the month , it works from date to date.

In case of participation in the shows of the end of year, we shall ask you for a financial participation for costumes.

Attention ! Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for registration.


* Discounts are not valid on class card and individual class.

5% discount for members, (it is valid once in the season).

5% discount for the second member of a family.

10% discount for job-seeker, casual worker, person receiving minimum benefit payment and students (documents must be provided for eligibility).