Swing Dance Professor

Versatile, Angie is interested in all forms of movement , whether minimal or lyrical. During her training alongside James Carles , she felt drawn to dances in connection with ink , musicality and improvisation. She went through the history of jazz in learning swing dance with Anne- Helene and Bernard Cavasa (charleston, lindy hop, blues…)  to the African dances at the Ecole des Sables Germaine and with  Patrick Acogny ( Senegal ). Afterwards she found the same connective dances structures through the hip-hop while working with Toufik Bennai and Kader Najjar. She was also introduced to Aboriginal and Afro-Cuban dances during her travels and work with Heddy Maalem upon her return. Her experience has allowed her to build a very mixed dance style as she practices as a performer in various shows ( “Hollywood Forever “, ” Cotton Club To Be Continued “, ” Ambassador Glenn Big Band ” demo with ” The Tagadas Swing Swing” … ) as choreographer ( “Black Music Legends “, ” A Mi Chemin Between ” ongoing creation ) , and as a teacher at Studio Hop and today, happily at  the James Carles Choregraphic Center !