Anatomy Professor

Tranquil and turbulent, fluid as water, Anne Debreilly and dance flow, emits strength and finds its balance between heaven and earth.

Influenced by the choroegraphy of  Ingeborg Liptay, of whom she work diligantly under for 10 years before intergrating her company in 2009.  Clear, limpid:present, slight touch of the foot on the floor, deep in acheiving goals, by taking the raod less travelled,fluid movements without going backwards nor forwards, contrasting speeds, in tune with music in both literature and improvisation

Her personal creations : Encontre #1, three dancers,three musicians, light in  a duet with upright bass player Joël Trolonge, are like moments where her essence pervades the dance areana, where the body becomes saturated by the music.

Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance, she teachers her craft to her students at the Conservatory of Toulouse, participates in the educational content for the Bachelor’s degree programs in Toulouse; as well as transmits her sensibility to the cultivation of listening.

Her formal training in ballet and jazz , feed, structure and opens perspectives to each proposition. .

She intergrates in her courses the knowledge of Anatomy for Movement (R) aquired with Blandine Calais-Germain to bring to light the indispensable respect of the entire body in dance movement.