Drums & percussion

A professional Jazz performer since 1980, Ton Ton SALUT has participated in a multitude of adventures in all directions, of which an exhaustive record of his journey would be difficult cite. Nevertheless, here are just a few milestones in his career: Christian Ton Ton Salut has performed at the following world renowned Jazz Festivals: Marciac, Nice, Vienne, Paris, Uzeste, Berlin, Stuttgart, Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Lisbon, Tunis, Tabarka, Fez, Bamako, Ouagadougou, Yaoundé, Dallas…  He has participated in numerous tours both in Europe (Germany, Belgum, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, England, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Protugal) as well as in (The United States, Mexico, Tunisia, Morocco, Cameroon, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Cap-Vert, Central Asia…)

He has accompanied a multitude of great Jazz musicians. We could name the saxophonists, Sonny STITT, Georges COLEMAN, Guy LAFITTE, Peter KING, Ricky FORD, Andrew WHITE, Jorge PARDO, Eric BARRET, Sonny SIMMONS, Herb GSHER… trumpeters, Ted CURSON, Eric LELANN, Benny BAILEY, François CHASSAGNITE, Philip HARPER… trombonist, Glenn FERRIS, Frank LACY, Steve TURRE, Sarah MORROW… pianists, Alain JEAN-MARIE, Georges CABLES, Siegfried KESSLER, Mal WALDRON, Franck AVITABILE, Tom McCLUNG… organists, Lou BENNETT, Emmanuel BEX, Judy BLAIR… guitarists, Christian ESCOUDÉ, Lucky PETERSON, Joshua BREAKSTONE… contrabassists, Hein VAN DE GEYN, Javier COLINA, Gilles NATUREL, Calvin HILL… singers, Alan HARRIS, Dee Dee BRIDGEWATER, Mina AGOSSI, Magali PIETRI… Equally with Jazz, Ton Ton Salut takes part in a number of musical projects : DRUMPACT/LOOPING (Percussions Illimitées), THEATRE RÉEL (4 créations), BAOBAB (Traditional Music and Dances of Cameroon), LE BRUISSEMENT DE LA LANGUE (Music and Literature) created in  2003  with his friend, the saxophonist, Richard CALLÉJA, according to Roland BARTHES. Travels and Residences, in New York City, Boston, Yaoundé and Bamako

In addition, Christian Salut teaches at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Toulouse Jazz history and holds workshops at the Music’Halle Toulouse, Rhythmic and Musical Culture and  Master Classes at Jazz In Marciac, IMFP, Agostini-Toulouse. Today, other than his multiple actives as a freelance sidema