Dancer Choreographer

Choreographic Artist

–  C.N.D.C. Angers

–  Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with distonction in Ballet and Contemporary

–   Ministerial Approved « Danse à l’école »

–   Resource person for training courses for trainers « Danse à l’école », « Danse et sciences »

– After being trained in Ballet and Contemporary by the Choreographic research group of Carolyn CARLSON   (Opéra de Paris),  de chorégraphe at the National Centre of Contemporary Dance in Angers, under the direction of the American choreographer, Alwin NIKOLAïS,she created the Matabiau Co. while she was dancing with various dance compnaies.

– Currently, she is participating in the creation and interpretaion of art and science shows « Chemins Buissonniers » and « Danse avec les Signes », poetic frescos with light painting and as a  neurolinguistic doctorant she animates/produced a danced conference on « l’énergie en danse » The Engery of Dance with 4 dancers. With these conferences she is provides instruction and training in schools and training centers for future teachers, for amateurs and collaborates with researchers.

–  Equally with her activites as a dancer-choreographer, she conducts educational programs (dance workshops, school-based workshops from early education to University level (Université of Toulouse: Mirail) workshops and training sessions).

– Autres :

* She particpate in various seminars, conferences (CCSTI « Science-Animation », Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse, Université Toulouse le Mirail), improvisations, contemporary balls.

* She is associated with « Improvisto », a collective of improvisational dancers and musicians.

*She hosted a confernce on Nikolaïs and Angers (workshopsat the University of Toulouse: Mirail) or in the form of performance conferences  (I.S.D.A.T. /C.E.S.MD. Toulouse, Université Toulouse Le Mirail) …) and shares her teachings with children and young dancers at the Centre James Carlès.

* She hosts outdoor training sessions at her country-side studio during the Summer

* She organinzes various events in her town with the objective of creating and mainting bonds through the discovery of other cultures within the community.