Accompaniment Kid’s Modern Jazz, Jazz, African Dance

Dieudonné NKANZA started playing music and dancing at the age of 8 in the Yoli Ballet. Afterwards he joined the National Ballet of  Congo. Then, he co-created the African Nbonda Ballet. Jean Loulendo, director of the Kodia Ballet and collaborator of the « Jeunesse Musicale de France » invited him to France to become the musical director of his ballet. Dieudonné was the director of the Lemba Ballet for three years. He also collaborated with well-known musicians, such as, Manu Dibango. For many years he has been an instructor at the Training Center for Music Facilitators at the University of Lyon. The percussion style that he teaches appeals to a wide audience, of which many remain captivated. Two of Guem’s musicians are former students. A third was trained by a former student that he had personally trained in Brazzaville.  After having accompanied numerous dance classes and taught Congolese Dance in diverse cities, he continues his work in Toulouse, accompanying classes and dance workshops  especially with the  James Carles Dance Centre.

Currently, Dieudonné teaches percussion in the Midi-Pyrénées region and holds training sessions in different towns. He is a frequent performer at festivals such as the Langon and Marsiac. He is currently working on his next spectacle with his group « Nkanza Cie » which connects music and dance. Dieudonné is equally a musician for the James Carlès Company.