Choreographer, dancer and pedagogue

Exploring different types of performances intermingling instantaneous compositions and choreographed material , Emmanuel Grivet creates with his company works that integrate on this creative journey improvisational expertise in the domains of sound, lighting, and image (live musicians, DJ’s, lighting producers, video directors).

This art form is deeply rooted in the profound correlation with the body and movement- compromising  of the development of specific tools put in place in works and used in the execution of action during a performance.

From 2006-2010, his work and research were centered on the relationship of time: it’s dynamics- waste of time, speed of time and “le zapping” or killing time – in a personal, intimate or a symbolic level. (La plage, Vertige(s) ou le flot du monde, 7mn 34s, Temp(s),Time is / over).

2012, Marked a significant milestone in his career with the I&t project. Based on the notion of identity bringing together artists with different cultural backgrounds- Marroco, Catalogne, Latin America, Africa, Korea and Israel. The results of this project can be seen in Beyond the moon  with Moon Yumi (Korea), of Délirium très mince with Jordi Cortès Molina (Catalogne), and most of all with Faces, a piece that is interpreted with a multifaceted approach (created by the company in 2012).