Professor of Modern African Dance

Togolese, Flora Théfaine arrived in France, one in day in the month of April, 1969, bringing with her the music and the dance of her country.

It was then, that this necessary estrangement, became an asset, where certain images were diminshed to give rise to new musical discoveries, opening up a creative pathway that consequentally allowed her to redicvoer her traditional roots deeply embeded within her.

Teaching, creation of the Company Saraband, choreographic productions, tours in France and in Europe, brought her to Quimper in Nantes where she created the  Afro-contemporary company, Kossiwa.

As her artistic experience grew, voyages and encounters grew; the story became deeper, contempoary dance began to comfort its mixed heritage where black is not always black and white is not always white.

The choreographies of Flora Théfaine does not mix well with multiple influences, she controls them and infuses them. In her choreographic quest, it is gestrue which is pt on display, univeral gestures which move from the earth to the sky.

Her works are presented in France and abroad: “Plissé Soleil” in 1990, “Signes des Temps” in 1994, “Les Porteurs de Légendes” in 1995,” Les Porteuses de vie” with the Company  Bonogo of   Burkina Faso in 1996,” La traversée du Jour” in 1997, “Je te donnerai, je te donnerai” in 2000…

She produced the works with amateur of whom “Plissé Dansé” created in 2002 with inhabitants of Nantes at the end of an artistic residence of one year. Of this project been born”le bal Plissé Dansé“, the big public ball, which joins the repertoire of the company.

She left for itinerant artistic residence that she calls “les sentiers chorégraphiques” in 2004 in Pays de la Loire with a new team. She created ” C’est un voyage qui n’a pas de pays” and realized two new versions of “Plissé Soleil et Signes des Temps“.

She participated in 2007, in collaboration with Germaine Acogny, in the creation of the dances of the Opera of Sahel, the African opera presented in Bamako, Amsterdam then in Paris in the Theater of Châtelet.

She invented in 2008 a new concept of ball  called  ” Mon Premier Bal” created and led by children.

In 2009,  she celebrated 20 years of Kossiwa compagny and began the creation Rwanda-France “ La pluie et les larmes ou Ngwino Ubeho”.