Professor of Hip-Hop and Krump

Grichka began dancing as a child. Early on he began his training in Ballet, African Dance and from there to Hip-Hop and contemporary. At the age of 17 he obtained his EAT Examen d’Aptitude Technique, to teach contemporary dance and prime his professional career in “Galdiator” a msical comedy choreographed by Stéphane LORAS.

Highly versatile, he was sought out in the world of television , but also to tour with various dance companies for theatrical creations. He Joined the works of  Blanca LI “Macadam Macadam”, “Poeta en Nueva York” by Georges MOMBOYE, “Le sacre du printemps” and has collaborated with Hip-Hop companies: Black Blanc Beur Accrorap, Révolution and Les Géographes, having all in common the valor of engagement and sharing of common values.

In 2007 he co-created R.A.F crew with which he worked on the “Blue tape” project in collaboration with the rapper Vicelow.  R.A.F crew participated in a number of national and international and won the world championship in the world of Hip-Hop in Las Vegas in 2009 as well as the Circle of Honor in 2011.

Since 2010, he went to theaters and onto the international scne with their creation “R.A.F CITY’Z” produced in the Chaillot theater.

In 2006, he discovered KRUMPin David Lachappelle’s  documentary “ RIZE”. Krump permitted Grichka to express his personalitly, roots, mixed heritage, eneergy and his spirituality.

He decided immediatly to go to the source of the movement in 2006 by going to the ghettos of Los Angeles. His integration at the heart of the NY Madness Fam (Tight Eyez), gave him the status as an innovator and initiator of the Krumping movement in Europe.

He transmits the cultural spirit of Hip-Hop and that of the Krumping through courses and workshops througout Europe.

In 2009 he created Madrootz Fam withthe objective to share and promote Krump all over the world. In 2011, he became the European champion of Krump with the  Madrootz Fam and in 2012 he was crowned European champion.

For the past few years the Madrootz organize the “International Illest Battle”  100% Krump at the WIP of La Villette.