Professor of Traditional Cameroonian Dances

Having been rocked by the word and the rhythm, his career is marked with the roots of  the Cameroonian and African traditional dances. His thematic is based on the concept ” UNE RACINE ” ” LE PAS LIBRE  ” and approach the body on its echo, its communication, its continuity, its commitment, its opening ….

He did professional training at “Ecole des Sables”, at the CND of Paris, in the center of Royaumont, to the Folkwang Tanz Esse of Germany, in South Korea, and led several training courses in Europe, in Africa and in Asia.

His approach positions today as a moment of sharing, through the Cameroonian and African traditional dances as well as a contemporary personal dance.He led several choreographic projects with Phénix Compagny, only and in collaboration with the other Local and foreign  companies.

He is initiator of the concept “Ateliers intensifs” with the PEC which is the  Program of Self-expression through movement in Cameroon and in April 2012, he is originator of the event ” Le Pas Libre DanseBa.Tœl” (1st Battle of traditional dance, contemporary dance and percussion in Cameroon).

Jean Michel is the artistic director of the Abok I Ngoma 2012 festival. He also works at the “Théâtre du Centre” of Avignon and the Cameroun where he entertains a dynamismfor the dance and the  creation.