Artist, Researcher

Jorge Gayon, artist, researcher, pedagogue, in dramatic movement and expression and in the Leban and Decroux techinics, with over 25 years of experience. He has a Doctorat of Perfoming Arts in Ethnoscenology from the University of Paris VIII and in Choreology (Laban-CNEM), accredited interpreter of the Etienne Decroux repertoire, he is author the Laban-Decroux Project (©1988) and director of the Jorge Gaydon studies of movement. Many of his activies are found in training actors, dancers and performing artist in body language and in movement, artistic research/teaching of the active application of Laban’s choreologic analysis (training, rehersal, creation and performance), stage prodction, consulting and implementation of artistic projects/productions. Trainer, coach/consultant in dramatic movement for both individuals and theatrical companies in France and abroad. He is a member of SOFETH, aCD, CNEM, ICKL, ANNM and the FIRT-IFTR.