Dancer & Interpretive Ballet Performer

Laure Muret joined the Paris Opera Ballet School in 1980 and the Corps de Ballet in 1987. She was promoted “Coryphée” then “Sujet” in 2000. She danced as a ballet and contemporary  soloist in a myriad of pieces such as “Casse Noisette” J.Neumeier, “Petrouchka” M.Fokine, “L’Oiseau bleu” R.Noureev, “The Cage” J.Robbins, “Bella Figura” J.Kylian, “Artifact suite” W.Forsythe, “La Maison de Bemarda” Mats Ek. She also participated in a lot of national and international galas.

In addition, she obtained her DE (Estate Diploma) in 2004 and her ballet CA in 2008.Occasionally, she teaches at the Paris CRR, the Pantin CND, offering masters classes (South Corea) and individual lessons.