Hip-Hop Dancer and Choreographer

Marvin was born on 29 April 1989 in Paris, his father, musician, bassist (jazz) Harry Gofin and his mother contemporary dancer and choreographer, Corinne LANSELLE. Heir of this rich artistic family capital, he chose to develop his skills in Hip-Hop dance as a performer and choreographer.

Introduced to various sports ( judo , karate , football, voleyball , gymnastics) and music through percussion, he discovered hip-hop at the age of 14 years through several courses and dance workshops , and quickly developed a passion for it. He began his career in 2004 as a professional dancer. He has accompanied many singers including performers, TV, radio and videos and on international tours such as Kayliah , Pearl , Marc Ceronne , SAIN SUPA CREW M. Pokora , Mike Tyer , Jennyfer , Shy’m , Perle Lama, Willy Denzey , Mariah Carey and especially with Vicelow from the RAF crew. He was also a choreographic dancer  on Madonna ‘s most recent tour.