Choreographer, Contemporary African Dancer

Max Diakok in his teens discoverd dance in the universe of léwòz soirees practiced in rural areas of Guadeloupe. The Ka-masters intiated and guided him by immersion. Quickly he was able to participate in the « rondes » created by the audience and the musicians during traditional soirees. While he persued his research with the modern Gwoka groups for which he danced solo, he studied other styles of dance, Modern Jazz, Modern-Ka with Léna Blou and Jazz with Rick Odums. Later he joined the Contemporary dance compaines of  Germaine Acogny, Christian Bourigault, Norma Claire and participated in a perfomance choreographed by Jean Philippe Duroure. Later he i developing his own body language in Contemporary dance at the heart of the Cie Boukousou, which he created in 1995.

Max DIAKOK developed his  own dance body language in Contemporary Dance at the heart of the Cie Boukousou, which he created in 1995. He found strength in Gwoka, a dance created during the times of slavery as an outlet, to express the body’s own energy and feelings that simple words could not. His inspiration is drawn upon gwoka, nourished from the universe of the léwòz soirées, and of véyé boukousou (vigils & wakes), and of the theatricality of the profoundness of physical gestures within the country, of history and the words of the ancestors and all with rich imagery and all at the same time being Caribbean just as much as it is universal.

Most of his works are conceived from: research which is then performed, the imbalance and various constraints to access a contagious or bothersome force. The concept of body memory equally holds a place of importance for Diakok.

Max Diakok has perfomed and produced works in Paris (Théâtre contemporain de la danse, Théâtre de l’Epée de Bois, Maison des Cultures du Mondes, Unesco,..), on the national stages of both Martinique et Guadeloupe, in international festivals (Bristol, Liverpool, Brighton, Dakar, Budapest, Vibrations Caraïbes..) and recently in Avignon Off in 2013 at the La Chapelle du Verbe Incarné.

In the field of teaching, his comapny assures transmission and managing of a braod spectrum of dancers beginning with 5 year olds; in both schools and wtih associations The originality of the teaching style resides in the student learning imporvistation through the codes of uniqueness found in each individual.