Dancer and Choreographer of Modern Dance, Street Jazz

At 16 years old, Medhi lived amongst dancers and the choreographers, both  on stage and behind the scene. Laure Courtellement, founder of the Ragga Jam Concept to him under her wings and gave him a chance to diversify his skills: hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, dance hall…

He trained at the International Dance Academy, Studio Harmonic, and has his EAT in Jazz).

Kamel Ouali met with him and integrated him into to his show, “Le Roi Soleil” in 2005. And trusted him with the responsibilites and missions (assistant, dancer, Star Academy, NRJ Music Awards…)

His capacites are not onmy limited to dance: Dove ATTIA, called upon him to replace one of the principal roles in “Le Roi Soleil” (Christophe Maé) before having played to role of CLEOPATRE ‘s brother in the successful musical of Kamel OUALI. He played the role of Ptolémée close to 200 times,  praised by critics and never replaced.

In 2010 his career took to new hights

Invited by some of the most celebrated and prestigious creators like Jean Paul GOUDE and Christian LOUBOUTIN, he has travelled the world to teach his art (Europe, Japon, USA,..), manage big events (Japon, Pologne, USA..) and also on primetime television shows such as X factor with Brian Friedman. Today, almost 15 million people dance his choreographies: Medhi is one of the main choreographers of the famous game “JUST DANCE” (Ubisoft).

In 2012 he chroeographed for groups and duos for the show YOU CAN DANCE, the largest dance contest on NT1.

From Kamel OUALI to Jean Paul GOUDE, televions stages to fashion runways, at  25 ans Mehdi  has been able to impose as a rising star in world of dance and choreography in France.