Professeur en Analyse Fonctionnelle du Corps dans le Mouvement Dansé (AFCMD)

After his studies in ballet, modern jazz and contemporary in Paris, then New York with Merce Cunningham, Alvin Ailey, David Howard, Mohamed Ahamada continued his training in  Analyse Fonctionnelle du Corps dans le Mouvement dansé (AFCMD), with Odile Rouquet, then under guidance of ‘Hubert Godard.

During his studies of AFCMD, Mohamed AHAMADA took Pilates courses with the dancers of Jérôme ANDREWS who introduced his to the techinque in France: principally with Solange MIGNOTON and Dominique DUPUY. He completed his work in 2005 at the CORE BODY school that showed another approach to the Pilates exercieses.


Interpretive dancer in several dance companies, accredited Contemporary Dance Professor, he teaches dance, in Paris and in other regions. He also teaches AFCMD as a training course of the Baceholors of Fine Arts in Dance in private schools sponsored by the Ministry of Culture (Paris, Guadeloupe) as well as at the CEFEDEM, CNDC and CND in  France and ARTCHIPEL (national scenogrpahy-Guadeloupe)
Mohamed AHAMADA is in charge of the course “réveil corporel” body awakeing  and individaul Pilates machine courses at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Danse et de Musique de Paris (CNSMDP). He is a trainer for trainers and is director of the module Analyse Fonctionnelle du Corps dans le Mouvement (CM, CQP, DE) for the training for those seeking their diploma in Tai-Chi and in Qi Gong at the  Fédération Française de Wushu.