Musician, composer, percussionist and drummer for danse.Sa career is a succession of meeting both the world of music where he worked in many classical orchestras, jazz, and varieties, and in the middle of the theater, musician actor for the theater including the Theatr’Aude company. He subsequently developed a percussion duo saxophone: the duo Character

Passion of traditional Brazilian music he left for a study tour in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to follow courses of percussion (samba batucada and pagoge) within the Portela samba school, with different stakeholders: Maestro Odilon Costa (school: rio grande), Maestro Atila dos Santos Gomes (school: Imperio Serrano), the internship he works out of the battery with Maestro Oscar Bolào on traditional Brazilian rhythms has adapted the instrument on his return he develops Brazilian percussion in a group of batucada (hooked-bat).

In 2011 the Ministry of Culture passes him command of a composition for the change in the option cycle of jazz national dance events with the collaboration of Madame Veronique Asencio.

In 2012 he was called by the conservatory régionnal radiation Saint Denis of the Reunion Island to overlook 2 periods (February and April 2012), master-class -corporel pace all the RRC dance classes , there also begins a creative work with classes in several meetings that will culminate in performances on the island of the meeting.

Since 2005 dance accompanist in the Conservatory of Carcassonne agglomeration comunità for the 3 disciplines, he developed a choreographic workshop “chabada” with Mrs. Beatrice Barrere for 3 years and he composed the music for the workshop and for the entire dance department and put in place curriculum of musical training of the dancer.

In 2013, integrates dance accompanist state diploma training in the teaching staff of the center James Carles.

In 2014 musical composition work in collaboration with Véronique M Juhel de la fuente PEA jazz in the Conservatory radiation régionnal Perpignan.

Since 2014 participation in several internships he teaches musical education of the dancer after Dalcrozienne methodology adapted to the dance (Albi internship, internship Saint-Raphael etc etc …)

It is within the conservatory Carcassonne-Agglo that the meeting with the choreographer Yuko Yamada is happening, and that artistic creation collaboration began in January 2013 to lead to the current play “i like them.”

Since May 2015, pedagogy CAS holder Dalcrozienne, obtained in Geneva JDI.

Currently works in music composition and sound creation of a younger audience with choreographer: Audrey Debois company “the fan”.