Professor of Jazz, New-Modern, Hip-hop, Hip-Hop Pop Lock, Ragga Dance Hall

Born in Martinique, he started Jazz dance at the  CERMAC and with Karl Galym, and then hit the wave of Hip-Hop in 1985. Always wanting to defy the limits of the body, he trained as a gymnast and did martial arts (Judo, Karate and Viet Vo Dao).  As soon as he arrived in France, he decided to continue his diverse activities and moved towards dance. His meeting with James Carlès and Gérard Lavie was a turning point that allowed him to completely immerse himself into the world of dance and to begin a solid training in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, African, and Hip-Hop.

His style varies between Funk to New-Style, from lyrical Jazz to Contemporary and Modern. Among other things he is also performer for Eric Castry and James Carlès (Modern/Jazz), La Baraque  Company (Contemporary), West Side Story and Hair (Musical). He teaches at the James Carlès Centre and is a performer for the James Carlès Company.