Dancer and Choreographer

Yutaka TAKEI was born in Fukuoka, Japan. Early on the emergence of body awareness sparked his interest.

Between the ages of 12-18 he began to develop the process of body awareness by practicing Rhythmic and Competitive Gymnastics. Then by entering the Faculty of Physical Education in Tsukuba, Yutaka, enriched his research through a scientific perspective of the body through movement analysis. At the same time, a new opportunity presented itself to him through the meeting of Hervé ROBBE, with whom he discovered contemporary dance. In Hervé ROBBE’s production of « V.O. » Yutaka TAKEI, made his first appearance as a dancer. At the age of 22, Yutaka, moved to France to attend the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (CNDC) of Angers, where he participated in the works of Joëlle BOUVIER, Carmen WERNER and Patrick LE DOARE.

Simultaneously, he began his career as a choreographer, motivated by his desire to evolve and to share his experiences. In 1999 Yutaka TAKEI, met Karine SAPORTA and performed in « Phaëton » and « Cabaret Latin ». The year after he joined the Carolyn CARLSON Co. and performed in « Light bringers », « J. Beuys song » in 2001 and «Tigers in the tea house » in 2004. From their artistic collaborations Carolyn CARLSON created, two solo dance performances for him: «Man over mountain » and « Kan » (Prisoners of freedom).

Yutaka TAKEI’s artistic life was amplified when he opened a new creative channel, multiplying exchanges and experiences with other artist. From this newfound synergy emerged videos, musical creations, literature, and even glass works. He uses these elements and materials to not only create his own universe, but translates it into eloquent artwork. We can recognize his work through his cherished themes: relation of the body and the sacred character of nature. Yutaka TAKEI, continues his artistic evolution through expanding his creative development in various sites for enabling artistic expression such as in theaters, showrooms, museums throughout France, Italy, Spain and Japan, enveloped by his company, FOREST BEATS, created in 2002.