The Dance Festival and Black Continents, created in 2007 as an extension of the festival “Dance in Toulouse” is a synthesis and an answer to all the critics on the richness of cultural diversity as an added value for society. It is an obvious answer to the enclaves faced by too much of society.

Combining cultural technical, social to the artistic heritage to the memory, the project Dances and Black Continents door in front of the stage folk dances vector intercultural and poses them as a political and artistic challenge.

The Dance Festival and Black Continents takes place every year during the holidays of All Saints, on the whole of the Urban Community of Greater Toulouse, the Haute Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées Region and internationally. This is a special time for the public reception of memory, heritage and current creative artists whose work, vision shaped the history of twentieth century art and particularly Dance. This project is now supported by a group of cultural practitioners, associations, researchers, intellectuals, artists, concerned citizens, committed to social transformation of society.

Germaine Acogny is the godmother of the festival since its first edition:
“James is concerned about the working memory and resistance, realizing an exceptional job directory and transmission of works by choreographers black America and Africa. I am proud and happy to be the godmother of Dances and Black Continents and I wish all the success that this initiative deserves. “