The 10th July 1989 law concerning dance instruction mandates the possession of a State Diploma (Diplome d’Etat – DE:Bachelor’s Degree) for dance professor to teach as dance instructor with compensation. The disciplines concerned are ballet, contemporary, and jazz.

The French State diploma (Diplôme d’Etat – DE) can be prepared in a public or private training center which is authorised by the Ministry of Culture to ensure the training.

It is obtained by the validation of qualifying units:

– ♦  Examen d’Aptitude Technique (EAT)/ Technical Aptitude Exam

– ♦  Musical training

– ♦  Anatomy-Physiology

– ♦  Dance History

– ♦  Pedagogy

After the validation of the Technical Aptitude Exam or EAT, the DRAC (Direction régionale des affaires culturelles/ Regional Office of Cultural Affairs) will send upon the request of the candidate a traning manual. The training for the Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Dance instruction is organized over a two year period.


The James Carlès Centre professional training school authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication to issue the DE: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Jazz and Contemporary

The James Carlès Centre has been approved by the Ministry of Culture and Communication for the training and issuing of the DE: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Instruction in Jazz and Contemporary.

This authorization allows our dance school to solidify its pedagogaical project construted on the filiation of interculturality and interdisiplinarity.


The traning for the DE: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts: Dance Instructor prepares students for the pratical methods and theory implemented for dance instruction

In the first year the objectives are twofold:

Consolidate the technical skills of the candidates through jazz, contemporary and ballet technique courses

Aquire knowledge in the basic fundamental connected to dance practice:

– ♦  Anatomy-Physiology

– ♦  Dance History

– ♦  Pedagogy

The main objective in the second year is to allow students to aquire and validate their competences in specific pedegogiacal disciplines (Jazz/Contemporary) of their choice dependeing upon the age and level of the dancers.

Who ?

Adults 18 years minimum , holders of the EAT with pedagogical skills ; or professional dancers using the exemption of the EAT and equivalence of the first three units of value Diplôme d’État”.

How to get in there ?

You must make a registration and choose an audition date. This audition will happen in the James Carles Choregraphic Center.

If you come from another country, you can film yourself instead of the audition

What opportunities ?

Jazz or Contemporary Professional dancer.