Who ?

All the professional dancers or future dancers who whish prepare the “Diplôme d’Etat”

What objectives ?

The “Examen d’Aptitude Technique” allows to check the technic and artistic skills of the candidate to prepare the “Diplôme d’Etat”.

How to register ?

You must register at the DRAC. During that registration, you choose your kind of dance (ballet, contemporary or jazz).

Need more informations ? discover the explicative note of the Culture and Communication Ministere here.

Conducting the review

The examination consists of different tests:

  • An imposed change of 1 minute 30 3 minutes
  • A personal composition of a duration of 1 minute 30 3 minutes prepared in advance
  • An improvisation
  • an interview with the jury

The exam dates of the EAT are fixed between April 1 and October 30 .

Two examination sessions are held each year .

Candidates who have scored below to 9 of 20 in the first session can not represent to the second session in September and have to wait the next year to be able to represent the examination.

For video supports having variations to prepare, contact the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs or your local Conservatoire National or Regional Radiation .

EAT Preparation Centre at James Carles

For each of the options under the law (classical dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance), training of James Carles Centre aim to prepare the dancer to the level and skills required:

  • control imposed variations
  • Building a free variation in selected disciplines
  • preparation for improvisation and servicing.

This preparation is done in the box:

  • placements “EAT” oriented technical courses, coaching and free variations imposed and mock interview with the jury. These courses are very beneficial to students who prepare the EAT as an auditor.

James Carles Centre proposes each year a minimum of two sessions training camp in EAT . These courses allow to study, develop the imposed changes and work the basic elements to prepare the trials of composition and improvisation.

They are open to external candidates at the normal rate and the option to students James Carles Centre who wish to spend the EAT. The latter will report when they register.

Candidates who have passed the Proficiency Examination Technique (EAT) in jazz and contemporary disciplines can prepare the Diplôme State dance teacher at the James Carles Centre.

Since 1999, the success rate at the EAT – Review of Technical Ability – is between 70 and 100% success.